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Microdiving is an intermediate  activity that provides a crucial step between snorkelling and conventional deep open water scuba diving.

Microdive Basic Diver for Powerboat Racing

The assessment process is an annual requirement and is conducted by specialist facilitators such as Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team who provide international surface support for this kind of activity.


The Microdive Basic Diver is a course designed to teach individuals how to dive safely with open circuit scuba equipment to depths of 3 metres/10 feet.

The course teaches you how to use scuba type equipment correctly, and is seen as an essential requirement for those using compressed air within the safety cell, in the event of an accident or should you require the rescue services to administer air underwater.

In the event of an accident, having had this training, you will be better equipped to prolong the use of your air and have a better understanding of your equipment’s functionality.

When and why was it introduced?

The course was introduced for the 2013 season; following a recommendation from the Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team, that further scuba training and use of diving equipment and air systems be integrated into annual Immersion testing for competitors.

How do drivers (Pilots) go about taking these qualifications?

The Powerboat Racing Immersion Test and Microdive Basic Diver Course are run by the Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team. 

What happens if the drivers (Pilots) don’t take the courses or fail?

The Courses are mandatory and could be life-saving. So if a drivers (Pilots) do not pass they will have to re-sit the test(s) or they will not be able to race in a boat with a restraint system.

Why is it important to the drivers to do these qualifications / tests?

Although safety response times are extremely good in our sport, and rescue standards are high, unfortunately with all the best will in the world incidents/accidents do happen!

The immersion test is designed to be able to assist drivers in being able to safely extract themselves from their boat in the result of an incident, whereas the new Microdive Basic Divers course teaches the driver how to use scuba type equipment correctly, and therefore in the event of an accident they will be better equipped to prolong the use of the air to aid in prolonging their lives, or risk of serious injury should they become trapped underwater.